It’s a matter of course for us, to meet the high demands of our customers.

Corporate goals

Our processes and services are focusing on the goal to satisfy our customers. According to our claim “you prefer, we provide”, Kesper Druckwalzen finds tailor-made solutions in close collaboration. Therefore we concentrate on those values, which are most important to our clients.

High product and service quality, optimum cost-efficiency, comprehensive environmental protection and maximum safety are equally ranked factors in our corporate goals. The continual improvement of all corporate services is therefore essential in order to enhance the confidence of our customers in the expertise and responsibility of our company and its employees.


affects all segments of the company. It means providing our customers with products and services to meet their needs. Customer satisfaction is therefore a key element in our definition of quality. In improving the quality of our products and services, specific objectives are set so that the improvements reached can always be measured. In this way, we are able to meet three of our key goals:

  • Increasing the efficiency of our production processes and procedures
  • Minimising the need for corrective action
  • Satisfying customers


these strategic goals is a key prerequisite in improving the quality and competitive position of our products and services in world markets.