Kesper Druckwalzen GmbH was founded in Hilden in 1875. In 1902 it moved to downtown Krefeld to the Friedrichsplatz and was registered on March, 21st 1910 in the Chamber of Commerce in Krefeld.

The former mode of production of rolls was carried out with pure manual work. Brass parts, the later printing surface, were driven in wooden rollers. To produce such a roll up to 200 working hours were needed. During the post-war period, the production method shifted from handcrafted to etched and milled roller. Later it changed to the modern laser procedure.

In 1979 the company moved to the industrial area Krefeld-Linn. Today the Kesper Druckwalzen GmbH has besides four COlasers also a proofing machine. The digitization of data is performed with a 2D and 3D flatbed scanner of AKK GmbH. The artwork studio creates clichés for flexo printing, screen printing, gravure printing and embossing. The printing form production is injouse carried out in the fields of flexographic printing and rotary screen printing. The Kesper Druckwalzen GmbH has 27 employees and the customer base extends from Germany over Belgium and the Netherlands to England.