Dear customers,
The current situation caused by the corona virus demands a level-headed approach from all parties involved. We are currently in full production and are 100% committed to our delivery and service performance. A pandemic plan has been drawn up and allows for a unobstructed continuation of business operations according to various scenarios. You can reach us as usual at the numbers listed below.
We wish you all the best in these difficult times, stay healthy.

Your Kesper Team

Studio Krefeld:                    Mr. Hoffmann +49 2151 1592239
Studio Steinen:                   Mr. Müller +49 7627 9233721
Sales:                                      Mr. Heitz +49 172 9615061
Office:                                    Mrs. Cirignano-Hay +49 2151 1592230
Bookkeeping:                      Mr. Frank +49 2151 1592232


The Kesper Druckwalzen GmbH has specialized in the production of embossing rollers, flexo rollers, rotary screen and the separation of digital data. In its own repro department we implement the customer demands to engraving-ready data, matching the respective printing technology. In this way arise printing or embossing forms, for example for the production of wallpaper, packaging, labels, tote bags, wrapping paper or napkins.